Brittney the Cat ‘loves’ Purina and wrote them a letter!!

Helleow everyone!

I, Brittney the Cat, am soooooo happy today, I can’t stop purring, can you guess why?  You won’t be able to guess I bet!

The wonderful people at Purina have given me some coupons for special food  because of me being diabetic.  They know that their Fancy Feast Classic SAVED MY LIFE because my mommy told them so, and they are so impressed by how clever I am to write a thank you letter with mommy’s help that they are helping me some more.  For a chap in his senior years, at nineteen, having the RIGHT DIET is so important, and those clever Mewtritionists [I think that’s what Mommy said they were called] at Purina know EXACTLY what a fellow needs!

I am in tip-top shape and nobody would think I was even NINE let alone nineteen to look at me, all thanks to eating food that’s low in carbohydrates and full of all the things that make ME full of life!

I say, Purrs for Purrrrrina, because they’ve made me the elegant, debonair and dapper gentleman that I am.


Pussies galore

June 23, 2012 – A Great Website: Don’t miss this great cat website.  It’s well worth a visit. Brittney the cat loves it!  Just click on the link below.  Join her blog and get purrific stories, pictures and lots more. Click here at Pussies galore

Pussies galore.


Brittney’s New Years resolution is to help all of his animal friends, by giving 100% of all of his profits that he makes from his book.

Therefore, when you buy his book “My Life as a Cat” all his royalties will go to his new friends, at “The Animal Rescue Site.”

Brittney the cat was homeless, hungry, and sick too.

He cares about all the animals that need food and homes. Brittney hopes you will help his friends MEOW! PURR!

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I’m getting sleepy and it’s time for my nap. Look! I’m “Yawning” and that tells me it’s time for my catnap! Click on above pictures, and they will get “BIGGER!”  Meow!

I’m on my favorite sofa all ready for my “Catnap” I love to cuddle in a ball! Meow!

This is me jumping on top of my sofa, time to watch a little TV. Wonder if Garfield or Tom and Jerry are on?

Mommy’s taking a nap so I’ll just watch television myself, until she wakes up. Meow!

Oh Look! Tom and Jerry, they are so funny, I get so excited watching them! Meow!

Ooop’s! Time for my potty break, then back to Tom and Jerry Cartoons! Meow!

Did you know that your mommy and daddy can make a Coloring book, out of your pictures?
And you can share your coloring book with your friends! I hope you have fun coloring my pictures, and email me.

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This is just a sample of my coloring book, I wanted to share with all my friends! “Meow” Time to help mommy make homemade bread now! “Yummy!”

“Brittney the Cat”