I Dreamt That I was the King of Beasts – in Africa.

July 25, 2012 – I Had a Dream Tonight: I get so sleepy after my huge meals and lots of cold water. I was sleeping in my house (see below)

and thought I was a Lion in Africa. I was the King of Beasts, in charge of the whole jungle and savannah plains. I was sleeping lazily under the shade trees with my family; waiting for the family to do the hunting and bring me dinner.

I am a cat, so I’m a carnivore, in other words I like meat. In my dream, I was chowing down on some great gazelle chops and thinking about my next nap. Suddenly, a large rhinoceros came stomping over my way. What was he lost (see below).

In my dream, I woke up and roared my mighty roar. It was so lowd I shook the branches on the trees and all the smaller animals trembled with fear. The large rhinoceros decided he was not going to tangle with the King of Beasts, so he beat a haste retreat.

Abruptly, I was being gently pushed and there was Mommy saying its time for your shot and dinner. I was sad that I wasnt the King of Beasts anymore, but happy I was home in the good old USA, with my Mommy and Daddy.

Brittney The Cat


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I’m getting sleepy and it’s time for my nap. Look! I’m “Yawning” and that tells me it’s time for my catnap! Click on above pictures, and they will get “BIGGER!”  Meow!

I’m on my favorite sofa all ready for my “Catnap” I love to cuddle in a ball! Meow!

This is me jumping on top of my sofa, time to watch a little TV. Wonder if Garfield or Tom and Jerry are on?

Mommy’s taking a nap so I’ll just watch television myself, until she wakes up. Meow!

Oh Look! Tom and Jerry, they are so funny, I get so excited watching them! Meow!

Ooop’s! Time for my potty break, then back to Tom and Jerry Cartoons! Meow!

Did you know that your mommy and daddy can make a Coloring book, out of your pictures?
And you can share your coloring book with your friends! I hope you have fun coloring my pictures, and email me.

I have my very own email address: brittneythecat@gmail.com

This is just a sample of my coloring book, I wanted to share with all my friends! “Meow” Time to help mommy make homemade bread now! “Yummy!”

“Brittney the Cat”


I am waking up from a catnap, wonder what’s for lunch?
Have to find daddy, my table is empty!
That’s better, daddy has my favorite Fancy Feast. Yummy!
After eating, I’ll sit in my green chair and think. What will I do next?
This is my table in front of my sofa, neat huh? Meow!
Back to my green thinking chair, hum! What should I do?
Oh Look! Daddy’s sleeping, wonder if he wants to wake up? I’ll just ask him, MEOW!
Mommy always tells me to, make sure my tummy is full before I go to sleep. I have to get up and eat!
Yummy! I have fresh tuna, and cookies. My cookies taste good, wants some?
I ate to much my tummy is so full, I better take another catnap. Hope I dream of something I like!
I had a great nap, think I’ll check my table out again. Maybe mommy gave me something different to eat!
My tummy feels funny! Maybe I ate to much.
I’ll just go in my potty box, and see what happens. Yep! That feels much better now. 
I looked outside the window, and I don’t see anyone. Maybe I’ll get something to eat, my tummy feels better!
I’m over here! Would you like some tuna or cookies?
Mommy will be home soon, I’ll just wait for her!
Oh Look! Mommy set the table for two, and daddy’s sleeping. I’ll jump on the chair and keep her company!
Now its time to watch a little television. I really like watching cartoons! Meow, I see my friend “Garfield” Yeah!
My cartoon is over, I’ll just have a few more bites. Care to join me?