I am waking up from a catnap, wonder what’s for lunch?
Have to find daddy, my table is empty!
That’s better, daddy has my favorite Fancy Feast. Yummy!
After eating, I’ll sit in my green chair and think. What will I do next?
This is my table in front of my sofa, neat huh? Meow!
Back to my green thinking chair, hum! What should I do?
Oh Look! Daddy’s sleeping, wonder if he wants to wake up? I’ll just ask him, MEOW!
Mommy always tells me to, make sure my tummy is full before I go to sleep. I have to get up and eat!
Yummy! I have fresh tuna, and cookies. My cookies taste good, wants some?
I ate to much my tummy is so full, I better take another catnap. Hope I dream of something I like!
I had a great nap, think I’ll check my table out again. Maybe mommy gave me something different to eat!
My tummy feels funny! Maybe I ate to much.
I’ll just go in my potty box, and see what happens. Yep! That feels much better now. 
I looked outside the window, and I don’t see anyone. Maybe I’ll get something to eat, my tummy feels better!
I’m over here! Would you like some tuna or cookies?
Mommy will be home soon, I’ll just wait for her!
Oh Look! Mommy set the table for two, and daddy’s sleeping. I’ll jump on the chair and keep her company!
Now its time to watch a little television. I really like watching cartoons! Meow, I see my friend “Garfield” Yeah!
My cartoon is over, I’ll just have a few more bites. Care to join me?


August 28, 2011 – I’m in my Green Thinking Chair: This is my green chair. I call it my thinking chair. Let me see, I think I’ll write my email address down for you. I hope you have a pencil and paper to write it down. That way we can talk up and back. I would really like that.

I know we can be good friends “Meow!” I hope you like my book, and coloring book too. Watch for my “New Book” coming soon, with more of my exciting adventures. My mommy cooks homemade bread, and I love to help her. She uses plastic sandwich bags to put the butter on the bread and the baking dish. She “needs” me to wash off the baggies, and I get butter all over my nose and whiskers. I love helping my mommy cook. I’m a good boy and a great helper.

Do you help your mommy cook? “Meow!

You can email me: And we can talk and talk and talk, Meow! Purr!

Brittney the Cat

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Brittney wants to tell everyone, that he loves to help his mommy cook in the kitchen.

Would you like to know what Brittneys favorite foods are?

Brittney likes the movie “Avatar” the people run, and fly all over the place, in the trees and fly on the large colorful birds.

He finds it very entertaining to watch, do you like Avatar? What is your favorite movie and food? Brittney wants to know.